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To contribute, you'll need to fork this repo & install Node.

Next, you need to install the local development tools

$ npm install

Development Server + Browsersync

As you can probably imagine, this project actually uses Browsersync along with gulp.js, Crossbow & a few other awesome projects to make development a joy. To experience the awesomeness, just run the following command

$ npm start

This will compile & prefix the SCSS files into CSS, build the Crossbow site once & launch a browser window to view the site. Any changes made to SCSS files will be auto-injected via Browsersync & any changes to Markdown or HTML files will cause Crossbow to rebuild the site. (in which case, Browsersync will wait until it's finished & then reload all browsers for you).


This site is compiled with Crossbow, which means you need to build it before any of your code fixes or typos are displayed on the live site. This is done automatically for you if you use the development environment mentioned above (by running npm start) - but if you need to trigger it manually for html changes, run...

$ npm run build

Once built, commit all the changes and send your pull request :)

Crossbow tasks

The following tasks have been defined by this project's Crossbow configuration. Run any of them in the following way

$ crossbow run <taskname>
Task name Description
Build HTML Templates
Build dev + production CSS
Build production ready JS
Run all build tasks
Alias for:
- @sh docker build . -t $DOCKER_HUB_NAME
Alias for:
- @sh docker push $DOCKER_HUB_NAME
Build & Deploy the website to Docker Hub
Alias for:
- @sh docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yaml up -d
Build HTML/CSS then launch Docker + Browsersync
Launch a development server
Alias for:
- [Function: _inline_fn_6_]
Alias for:
- copy-sw
- service-worker_internal_fn_0