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#Browsersync - Browserify, Babelify + Watchify + Sourcemaps Example


To try this example, follow these 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Clone this entire repo

$ git clone bs-recipes

Step 2: Move into the directory containing this example

$ cd bs-recipes/recipes/gulp.browserify

Step 3: Install dependencies

$ npm install

Step 4: Run the example

$ npm start

Additional Info:

This one is a beast. Write your React JSX code, in ES6, compiled by Browserify and auto-reload all devices when the compilation is complete.

Preview of gulpfile.js:

var gulp        = require('gulp');
var gutil       = require('gulp-util');
var source      = require('vinyl-source-stream');
var babelify    = require('babelify');
var watchify    = require('watchify');
var exorcist    = require('exorcist');
var browserify  = require('browserify');
var browserSync = require('browser-sync').create();

// Watchify args contains necessary cache options to achieve fast incremental bundles.
// See watchify readme for details. Adding debug true for source-map generation.
watchify.args.debug = true;
// Input file.
var bundler = watchify(browserify('./app/js/app.js', watchify.args));

// Babel transform
    sourceMapRelative: 'app/js'

// On updates recompile
bundler.on('update', bundle);

function bundle() {

    gutil.log('Compiling JS...');

    return bundler.bundle()
        .on('error', function (err) {
            browserSync.notify("Browserify Error!");
        .pipe({once: true}));

 * Gulp task alias
gulp.task('bundle', function () {
    return bundle();

 * First bundle, then serve from the ./app directory
gulp.task('default', ['bundle'], function () {
        server: "./app"