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less you know, the more you think you know. I know enough about concurrency to
know there can *always* appear some surprising hole in my knowlege.
Source Code
All the source code for this book is available as copyrighted freeware,
distributed along with the sources for the book's text, via
[Github]( To make sure you get
the most current version, this is the official code distribution site.
Coding Standards
In the text of this book, identifiers (keywords, methods, variables, and class
names) are set in bold, fixed-width `code font`. Some keywords, such as `class`,
are used so much that the bolding can become tedious. Those which are
distinctive enough are left in normal font.
The code files in this book are tested with an automated system, and should work
without compiler errors (except those specifically tagged) in the latest version
of Python.
Bug Reports
No matter how many tools a writer uses to detect errors, some always creep in
and these often leap off the page for a fresh reader. If you discover anything
you believe to be an error, please submit the error along with your suggested
correction, for either the book's prose or examples,
[here]( Your help is
Mailing List
For news and notifications, you can subscribe to the low-volume email list at
[]( I don't use ads and
strive to make the content as appropriate as possible.
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