@BruceJillis BruceJillis Jillis ter Hove

    JavaScript 5 0


    A bare bones 3D wireframe object renderer written in Javascript using <canvas>

    Updated Jun 25, 2011

    ActionScript 1 0


    BaconGameJam 02 Entry. Have you ever wondered what happens before the hero arrives in a platformer level? "Before The Hero Arrives" takes you on a never before seen look behind the scenes of what happens... before the hero arrives.

    Updated Sep 3, 2012


    A small but usefull timing class written in PHP

    Updated Jan 13, 2014

    JavaScript 1 0


    Updated Jun 21, 2015

    ActionScript 0 0


    Eco² is an unforgiving ecological and economical simulator, the goal is to survive the experience as long as possible knowing that the end is inevitable.

    Updated Sep 3, 2012

    Python 0 19


    forked from svenstaro/flamejam

    A generic game jam application with ratings and comments using Flask

    Updated Aug 16, 2012

    ActionScript 2 10


    forked from Objelisks/FlxTilemap-Demo

    Demo to be used on the flixel site

    Updated Sep 10, 2012

    Python 9 0


    Compiler and interpreter for a miranda-like functional language in Python.

    Updated Dec 28, 2011

    Java 0 0


    My First Minecraft Mod™: A gaze detecting enderman (mob) head that emits a redstone signal when looked at

    Updated Mar 16, 2014


    A new attempt at finding the best language identification algorithm (markov model, cross entropy, graph based, ngramdisplacement and SVM) in python using k-fold cross validation.

    Updated Aug 17, 2013

    JavaScript 1 5


    forked from pr1001/MathPlus

    MathPlus is a small Javascript library that aims to provide common mathematics functions.

    Updated Jan 23, 2011

    Java 0 0


    The mailbox mod tries to provide a simple and stand alone no frills attached postal system for your modded minecraft server.

    Updated Jun 22, 2015


    A pure PHP library implementing language recognition.

    Updated Jun 5, 2013

    JavaScript 5 0


    A fast, native PHP, redis client.

    Updated Jul 2, 2011


    A simple game used to teach C++ basics during my year as a programming teacher for people with high functioning autism

    Updated Aug 14, 2013


    A constraint-propagation based solution for a combinatorial search problem.

    Updated Dec 6, 2011


    Blindly breaking long lived TCP connections with TCP RST injection

    Updated Mar 8, 2012


    R code for sharing my solution to Kaggle's Titanic knowledge contest in the context of grendelgrey's post on /r/machinelearning.

    Updated Aug 3, 2013

    Python 2 0


    A greasemonkey script + app engine chat service that integrates via a new mediatype (a chat) into #newtwitter's awesome sidebar.

    Updated Dec 20, 2010