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@@ -28,28 +28,32 @@ application.
* <tt>bundle update</tt>
* <tt>rake perens_instant_user:install:migrations</tt>
* <tt>rake migrate</tt>
-* Edit config/routes.rb, adding this line:
+* Edit <tt>config/routes.rb</tt>, adding this line:
mount Perens::InstantUser::Engine => '/'
-* Copy into config/initializers/devise.rb and edit it.
-* Edit one of your environment files, like config/application.rb, to add the
+* Copy into <tt>config/initializers/devise.rb</tt> and edit it.
+* Edit one of your environment files, like <tt>config/application.rb</tt>, to add the
URL info to be used in email messages to users from the user management
system. While testing, this might be:
config.action_mailer.default_url_options = { :host => 'localhost:3000' }
but it must be set to the correct external URL when your application is
running for
real users.
-* Add <tt>user_authenticate!</tt> and other Devise helpers to your controllers
+* Add <tt>authenticate_user!</tt> and other Devise helpers to your controllers
as appropriate. See the Devise README.rdoc[] for information on the available features.
== Bugs
* Report issues here[].
== To Do
* I'm planning to provide a web interface to set the configuration information,
- removing the need to edit configuration and environment files.
+ removing the need to copy and edit the Devise configuration file and the
+ environment files.
== Why <tt>Perens::InstantUser</tt> instead of <tt>InstantUser</tt>, and why <tt>perens-instant-user</tt> instead of <tt>instant-user</tt>?
Ruby and Rails are large enough that we should not all be sharing the
same global namespace. Thus, all of my code will be in the
<tt>Perens</tt> module and my gem names will start with <tt>perens-</tt>.
+Forks can just change "Perens" to something else and leave "InstantUser" the
+same. It turns out that users of this engine only have to type the longer name
+two times, so the tiny increase in user load seems to be a good trade for
+avoding name collisions.

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