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mk-deps install run-time dependencies listed in debian/control without building it.
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Cli tool for installing runtime dependencies of a debian package

Preview of mk-deps


If you want to extend the source code of debian package you need the runtime dependecies of that package. mk-deps was created to easily install the runtime dependencies, without installing the debian package itself.


You can use mk-deps in your shell after the installation.

mk-deps [OPTIONS]
mk-deps install debian/control
mk-deps install debian/control -p {PACKAGE_NAME}


From Source

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run the following commands
sudo apt-get install fakeroot dh-make build-essential devscripts # Packages nessesary for building package python3-all python3-pytest python3-click
sudo pip3 install wheel click-man
cd mk-deps/debian
debuild -us -uc # Build the package
sudo dpkg -i ../mk-deps*.deb # Install the package
  1. To enable autocompletion, run source /usr/share/bash_completion/completions/ or open a new shell

Try it out with docker

Use the Docker file to create your image and play around with mk-deps, without polluting your main system.

  1. Install Docker, following the instructions
  2. Build your docker image: docker build --pull -t $USER/mk-deps .
  3. Create a container from this image: docker run -t -i $USER/mk-deps bash
  4. Play around mk-deps install tests/input/tsp-web.control


Some packages use variables inside runtime dependencies. mk-deps is (yet) not able to get the value of these variables.

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