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A Lightweight & Simple jQuery input field validation plugin
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errorLite - A Lightweight & Simple jQuery Input Validation Plugin

errorLite is a lightweight & simple jQuery input validation plugin. Currently at version 2.0, it's now built in CoffeeScript, compiled to unminified and minified JavaScript.

It's built off of Chapter 2 of Pro jQuery Plugins ( ).


Get and, include them in your site and call the following (supposing you'd want input validation on all inputs in a .sample-form form element):

$(".sample-form input").errorLite({
    'animation': {
        'type': "fade",
        'speed': "fast",
        'easing': "linear",
        'extra': {
            'margin': 3

If you don't want to validate automatically, set 'autoCheck' option as false, and to validate a field, after initializing, use:

$('.sample-form input[name="email"]').errorLite('validate');

It will return false if the field is not valid, true if it is valid.


  • HTML5 type attribute usage
  • 6 default validation types (alphanumeric, alphanumeric-extended, email, url, number, slug)
  • Required and Max Length validations
  • 2 "show" animation types: "fade" and "slide"
  • Callback support for when the "show" animation finishes
  • 2 error positions: "inside" and "outside"

Dev features

  • Namespaced events
  • jQuery 1.9.1 tested
  • Callable plugin methods
  • CoffeeScript & SCSS

Available Options & Default Values

  • dataType: "type" # data-* property to check for the field/validation type
  • dataErrorTitle: "errorTitle" # data-* property to check for the error title
  • dataErrorHelp: "errorHelp" # data-* property to check for the error help
  • errorRequiredTitle: "Required"
  • errorRequiredHelp: "This field is required."
  • errorMaxLengthTitle: "Too Big"
  • errorMaxLengthHelp: "This field's value is too big. The maximum number of characters for it is {maxLength}."
  • autoCheck: true # If true, validate the field when the plugin is initialized
  • errorClass: "errorLite-error"
  • position: "inside" # Supports 'inside' and 'outside'
  • animation:
    • type: "fade" # Supports 'fade' and 'slide'
    • speed: "fast"
    • easing: "swing"
    • onComplete: $.noop
    • extra:
      • margin: 3 # Integer, the number of pixels to be "inside" or "outside" the input
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