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Budget Zen - Mobile

This is the repo for the iOS and Android apps. Website is at

NOTE: The mobile app is no longer available in the Play Store or App Store for ideological reasons. You can still build it from this repo yourself, or download + install the APK from the Releases page. The new, end-to-end encrypted version (v2) is currently available as a PWA/web app, which works for both mobile and desktop, and still has the source code publicly available.


make install
make start
make pretty
make test
make deploy   # publishes to everyone (prod)
make build/android   # builds Android APK (manually added to releases)

See an older commit for other commands, related to building this for your iOS device.


  • Try to unify UI/UX with the BasicModal for the Date Picker and for the Budget Picker (use a regular picker inside the modal)
    • Add Expense
    • Edit Expense
    • Add/Edit Budget