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Java - but small.


Minimal-J applications are

  • Responsive to use on every device

  • Straight forward to specify and implement and therefore

  • Easy to plan and manage


Business applications tend to get complex and complicated. Minimal-J prevents this by setting clear rules how an application should behave and how it should be implemented.

Minimal applications may not always look the same. But the UI concepts never change. There are no surprises for the user.

Technical Features

  • Independent of the used UI technology. Implementations for Web / Mobile / Desktop.

  • ORM persistence layer for Maria DB or in memory DB. Transactions and Authorization supported.

  • Small: The minimalj.jar is still < 1MB

  • Very few dependencies

  • Applications can run standalone (like SpringBoot)



  • Current released version: Latest Version

  • Development build status: Build Status