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rewriting vimrc

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1 parent b94ec8d commit 1bbc2b36e56f6d730b6235a6216f90c3a7bee615 @BrunoGrasselli committed Sep 1, 2012
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@@ -1,41 +1,50 @@
-" Importing Akita's vimrc
-source ~/.vim/vimrc
+call pathogen#infect()
-if $COLORTERM == 'gnome-terminal'
- set term=gnome-256color
- colorscheme railscasts
- colorscheme desert
+set nocompatible
-set mouse=a
-set ttymouse=xterm2
+syntax on
set nowrap
-set nu
-set sts=2
-set sw=2
-set guifont=monaco
-set guioptions-=m
+set wildmode=list:longest
+set hlsearch
+set incsearch
+set number
+set mouse=a
+" statusline
+set statusline=%f "tail of the filename
+set statusline+=%= "left/right separator
+set statusline+=%c, "cursor column
+set statusline+=%l/%L "cursor line/total lines
+set laststatus=2
+" indent
+set autoindent
+set expandtab
+set tabstop=2
+set softtabstop=2
+set noignorecase
+" mvim/gvim
set guioptions-=T
-set spelllang=pt_br
+set guioptions-=m
+" file type options
+filetype plugin on
+filetype indent on
-ab rdb require 'ruby-debug';debugger
+if has("gui_running")
+ colorscheme railscasts2
+ set guifont=Monaco
+ colorscheme default
-nmap <silent> <C-t> :CommandT<Enter>
+" key mapping
+nmap <Tab> gt
+nmap <S-Tab> gT
+cmap <C-e> <C-r>=expand('%:p:h')<CR>/
nmap <C-h> i$<Esc>f(r f)xF$x
-nmap <silent> <F2> :BufExplorer<Enter>
-nmap <silent> <F3> :noh<Enter>
-nmap <silent> <F4> gg=G''
nnoremap <silent> <F5> :let _s=@/<Bar>:%s/\s\+$//e<Bar>:let @/=_s<Bar>:nohl<CR>
nmap <silent> <F6> :set lines=999 columns=999<Enter>
-nmap Ç :
-cmap <C-e> <C-r>=expand('%:p:h')<CR>/
-nmap <silent> <F7> :%s/\(<\/[^>]*>\)/\1\r/g<Enter>
-nmap <silent> <F8> :set wrap spell<Enter>
-augroup filetypedetect
- autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.prawn set filetype=ruby
-augroup END
+ab rdb require 'debugger';debugger

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