Aho-corasick for javascript.
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Implementation of the Aho-Corasick string searching algorithm, as described in the paper "Efficient string matching: an aid to bibliographic search".

Installing / Running

npm install ahocorasick

for nodejs:

var AhoCorasick = require('ahocorasick');
var ac = new AhoCorasick(['keyword1', 'keyword2', 'etc']);
var results = ac.search('should find keyword1 at position 19 and keyword2 at position 47.');
// [ [ 19, [ 'keyword1' ] ], [ 47, [ 'keyword2' ] ] ]

or for browsers:

<script src="/src/main.js"><script>`
var ac = new AhoCorasick(['keyword1', 'keyword2', 'etc']);

check test/basic.js for more examples.

PS. Note that what's returned is the index of the last characters of the found keywords.


See https://brunorb.github.io/ahocorasick/visualization.html for an interactive visualization of the algorithm.


The MIT License