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Brusalk - Sat Jul 23 03:17:26 2016 -0700
Merge pull request #5 from Brusalk/v11_wip

  Added many class configs kindly provided by the users.
  Fixed Green texture display bug. Greatly improved user experience with empty or nearly-empty
  class configs. Fixed all the bugs.

Brusalk - Sat Jul 23 03:13:21 2016 -0700
Fix green texture display bug

  Blizzard separated out setting textures from SetTexture into a new SetColorTexture.

Brusalk - Sat Jul 23 02:40:24 2016 -0700
Improved user experience with empty class configs

  EH now hides the whole frame when there are no active spellbars or an empty spellconfig is present.

  If there's no spellconfigs a helpful message is displayed to the user outlining why. Once per
  week, the player is shown a message explaining why EH isn't shown if their spell-config happens
  to now allow _any_ bars to show.

  Also changed default appearance to more gracefully handle low-numbers of active bars. (Turned on
  config.staticframes to 4). Slightly widened default icon width.

  Bugs Fixed: Fixed Delayed Load issue with ArtifactLib. Fixed improper display of hidden popups
  if earlier popups were not hidden forever.

Brusalk - Sat Jul 23 00:36:53 2016 -0700
Fixed cata talent req for real this time. Now only show DG/Infernal if GoSUP isn't talented.
Brusalk - Sat Jul 23 00:36:01 2016 -0700
Enabled staticframes on by default, and widened default icon-width and individual bar
height.This should help EH gracefully scale to low numbers of active spell bars. The numbers are
turned such that it'll appear that EH grows up to 4 bars, and then begins to shrink each bar to
stay within the static-height.

Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 23:50:21 2016 -0700
Destro Warlock config now properly displays cata only when talented
Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 01:14:10 2016 -0700
Added Holy/Disc priest config provided by Sig!
Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:58:09 2016 -0700
Added Enhance Shammy Config provided By StragaSevera!
Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:55:21 2016 -0700
Fixed ele shaman config apocalypse
Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:54:51 2016 -0700
Added Sub Rogue Config kindly provided by Neloangelo13!
Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:45:31 2016 -0700
Added MM Hunter to display list
Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:44:40 2016 -0700
Added Hunter config provided by Stilmore!
Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:42:13 2016 -0700
Updated TOCs to match actual live version number
Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:34:10 2016 -0700
Added Shadow Priest Class Config provided by Vaelynn
Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:33:35 2016 -0700
Added Discord/Github Notifications on Login
Brusalk - Thu Jul 21 23:37:00 2016 -0700
Added Aff/Demo to Legion Class Config Status
Brusalk - Thu Jul 21 23:31:20 2016 -0700
Updated Warlock Class Config with Config provided by BackJauer Warlock Class Config with Config provided by BackJauer