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Sculpin BrusselsPHP website

All improvement of the website are welcomed. Just make a PR with your modification.


You need sculpin to build the brusselsphp website

You can download Sculpin like so

curl -O

Then you clone the brusselsphp repository

git clone


If You Already Have Sculpin

sculpin generate --watch --server

Your newly generated clone of brusselsphp is now accessible at http://localhost:8000/.

Previewing Development Builds

By default the site will be generated in output_dev/. This is the location of your development build.

Using Sculpin's Internal Webserver

To preview it with Sculpin's built in webserver, run either of the following commands. This will start a simple webserver listening at localhost:8000.

Generate Command

To serve files right after generating them, use the generate command with the --server option:

sculpin generate --server

To listen on a different port, specify the --port option:

sculpin generate --server --port=9999

Combine with --watch to have Sculpin pick up changes as you make them:

sculpin generate --server --watch
Server Command

To serve files that have already been generated, use the serve command:

sculpin serve

To listen on a different port, specify the --port option:

sculpin serve --port=9999

Using a Standard Webserver

The only special consideration that needs to be taken into account for standard webservers in development is the fact that the URLs generated may not match the path at which the site is installed.

This can be solved by overriding the site.url configuration option when generating the site.

sculpin generate --url=

With this option passed, {{ site.url }}/about will now be generated as instead of /about.

Publishing Production Builds

When --env=prod is specified, the site will be generated in output_prod/. This is the location of your production build.

sculpin generate --env=prod

These files are suitable to be transferred directly to a production host. For example:

sculpin generate --env=prod
rsync -avze 'ssh -p 999' output_prod/

If you want to make sure that rsync deletes files that you deleted locally on the on the remote too, add the --delete option to the rsync command:

rsync -avze 'ssh -p 999' --delete output_prod/

In fact, is provided to get you started. If you plan on deploying to an Amazon S3 bucket, you can use alongside the s3cmd utility (must be installed separately).


The brussels PHP user group website






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