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Advanced Mode version of wglChAoS.P v.1.3.2

It works only on webBrowsers with WebGL 2.0 capabilities and support webAssembly: currently only FireFox and Chrome (or Chromium based) browsers, possibly updated - (Tested with FireFox >= 66 and Chrome >= 76 )

This version have last desktop glChAoS.P features: DualPass Accurate Rendering, Shadows and AmbientOcclusion.

Now wglChAoS.P works with both Angle backends: D3D11 and OpenGL.

Anyway, if in Windows you get a problem, try eventually to disable Angle (DX9/DX11) and enable native OpenGL rendering.

FireFox settings - Windows - from about:config url page:

  • webgl.disable-angle -> true
  • webgl.dxgl.enabled -> false

*For Linux and OS X these options are irrilevants: they work anyway

Chrome settings - Windows - from chrome://flags url page:

  • Choose ANGLE graphics backend -> OpenGL

*For Linux and OS X this option do not exist

FireFox tips - Linux / OS X - only if you note squared zones on smooth rendering areas, try:

  • layers.acceleration.force-enabled -> true

Start wglChAoS.P v.1.3.2 Advanced Mode


Some screenshots


Performance notes

Although I use the fully WebGL feature, the generation phase remains on the CPU and currently works in single thread mode (for the WebGL version), so some "objects" are very slow to built.

Particularly DLA3D which use a kTree nanoflann external library (binary tree sort/search), and which is about 5/7 times slower respect desktop version

*Advanced Mode is still not tested on mobile devices

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