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Send executables (.dol/.elf) or zip archives to your modded Wii over the network. For general info about Wiiload, go here:
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PyWiiLoad is a rewrite of  The main improvements are automatic zip
archiving of directories (Wiiload can't send dirs), smooth error handling the
option for a user to input their Wii's IP address if $WIILOAD isn't set, and
compatability with Python 3.  The code itself has been formatted into functions
and is now compliant with the PEP8 standards.  PyWiiLoad is made available under
the GNU General Public Liscense version 3 or later.  Please see the COPYING

General Wiiload info:

1) A Wii that's connected to the Internet with the Homebrew Channel installed.
2) A computer connected to the same LAN as the Wii.  This has been tested on
   GNU/Linux only.  I have no idea if it will work on Windows or OS X.
3) Python.  Tested on versions 2.7.3 and 3.2.3.
4) The environment variable $WII set to "[your Wii's IP].  If you don't know
   what you're Wii's IP address is, open up the HBC and click the HOME button.
   The IP will be in the upper left-hand corner.  Note that PyWiiLoad will allow
   you to set the address temporarily if $WII is not set.
5) An executable to run (.dol/.elf) or and app to install (.zip/dir).

If you're not sure what your Wii's IP address is, open up the HBC, hit the
Home button on your Wii Remote and look in the upper left-hand corner of the

You can send executables or zip archives with Wiiload.  Before you send
anything, make sure that your Wii is on and the HBC launched.  Any programs
that you send will boot automatically, zip files will ask you for confirmation
before being extracted and installed to the SD card.

Executables should just be a .elf or .dol file.  To send one, run one of these
./ /path/to/boot.elf
./ /path/to/boot.dol

Sending a zip file is used to install an application to the SD card.  It needs
to contain just the files you want added to the SD:/apps/ folder.  I.e. would contain this file structure:

Since most programs come with a zipped apps/ folder, you'll have to unzip it and
recompress it the right way before you can send it.  If you send an incorrectly
formed .zip the HBC will give you the error "This is not a usable ZIP file."
You can send a zip file like this:
./ /path/to/

If you try to send a directory with PyWiiLoad you will be asked if you want to
compress it to a zip archive and send it or exit the program.  If you want to
zip the directory, answer "y" at the prompt.  Otherwise, type "n" to exit.
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