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BrynerCoin Core

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What is BrynerCoin?

BrynerCoin is an immature digital currency based on the Litecoin source code. Brynercoin allows for instant digital payments to anyone, anywhere in the world, using peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. BrynerCoin Core is the name of the open source software which enables the use of this currency.

BrynerCoin's value is not directly tied to any fiat currency or other resource; no matter where you are in the world, 1 BRY will always be worth 1 BRY. This fundamental principle allows for easy transactions between "the boys." For example, admission to the Minecraft server costs 50 BRY. Using valueless blockchain technology allows for large-brained transactions between any two of "the boys."

For more information, as well as an immediately useable, binary version of the BrynerCoin Core software, see


BrynerCoin Core is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information, or see

Development Process

The BrynerCoin backend is developed and maintained entirely by Ralph Drake, who has no idea what he's doing.

The contribution workflow is described in


There is currently no automated or manual testing for BrynerCoin. No one should use this currency in any official or unofficial capacity.

Automated Testing


Manual Quality Assurance (QA) Testing



Any translations cannot be verified as the lead dev only speaks English and does not possess the mental capacity to learn a second language. Because of this issue, the development team will accept any an all pull requests relating to translation, providing they don't look to bad in Google Translate.

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