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My PhD

I am planning to turn this repository into a place where I can document the status-quo of my PhD, collect any kind of information that helps, organise thoughts regarding the big picture, and most importantly track the changes over time.

Research Statement

--- Work in Progress ---

How can we critically (the usage of critical in this case strongly aligns with the self-understanding of Critical Neuroscience) engage with scholarly communication and technology?

Current Hot Topics of Investigation:

  • Scholarly Communication
    • Citation Theories
  • Philosophy of Technology
    • Critical theory of technology in scholarly communication
  • Wittgenstein
    • Scholarly Communication and Language Games

Current Proposal

See the initial version of the research proposal here:



  • Fall term 2017
    • No courses
  • Spring term 2018
    • CMNS801 - Design and Methodology in Communication Research (in progress)
    • IAT803 - Science, Technology & Culture (in progress)
  • Summer term 2018
    • No courses
  • Fall term 2018
    • PUB877 (INS867) - Making Knowledge Public
    • CMNS897 - Philosophy of Technology
  • Spring term 2019
    • CMNS815 - Social Construction of Communication Technology
  • Summer term 2019
    • Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Examination

Format still needs to be determined.


  • Research Proposal
  • Do the work
  • Write the thesis