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Zotero Insights

eLifeSprint 2018 MozSprint 2018

Extract your highlights and annotations from PDFs stored in Zotero and get insights into your readings and thoughts from the past.

Use case

I am a user of Zotero. I store all my research literature in Zotero collections. I annotate the PDFs with highlights and comments. I add notes to many of my Zotero entries.

I want a (basic) text analysis of a specific collection or particular files to aid my literature review: this can be quantitative (word counts and frequencies, e.g.) or qualitative (the context of word appearances and basic sentiment analysis).

I would like the analysis to provide three artefacts:

  • A pre-formatted “report” (HTML/PDF)
  • An interactive “report” with “cookbooks” that allows me to tweak the analysis
  • A data dump in a “tidy” format


  • Create Zotero plugin
    • PDF.js to scan attachments
    • Export article/annotation content and metadata to a tidy format
  • Platform-independent, interactive reports
    • Python, in Jupyter
    • R Notebooks
  • Works with Binder


What do we want to get out of the text, highlights, and comments?

  • Basic quant. analysis of full texts.
  • See Voyant:
  • Analysis of full texts and annotations
    • What are the most frequent categories for individual papers?
    • What are the relevant papers for individual categories?
  • Interactively explore articles & annotations
  • Show all occurrence of a certain category including quotes from full-texts

“Tidy” data frame for exporting data

QUESTION: How to handle floating annotations? Closest section? Closest paragraph?

Column Type Feature(s)
ID numeric unique, sequential (1…)
section # numeric sequential (1…)
section ID string / factor [if available] Abstract / Introduction / etc.
Paragraph # numeric Within section? Overall document?
word string / factor
highlight ID numeric Corresponds to sentences/phrases highlighted.
is-annotation binary
annotation-text string / dataframe String can be prepared into own “tidy” data format?
code / tag dataframe #hashtag(s)
instructions dataframe \§instruction(s)
  • Above does NOT include footnotes / endnotes.


  • Working examples