Where I store my Windows games
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Where I store my Windows games 🖳

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Bubblemelon's Arkanoid

Gif that shows Bubblemelon's Arkanoid

This is the simplified version the of classic arcade game, Arkanoid.
This also happens to be my first Windows32 game 🕹️
Play till your heart's content, by downloading this release. See if you can get all the brinks!

Paint on Chalk Board App

A picture that shows the Chalk App with a drawing

This app allows the user to draw on the window. To allow for more space to draw, resize the window using the cursor.
Press the keyboard button c to clear all drawings.
To change to the next color, click down on the right mouse button once.
To draw, press on the left mouse button continuously.

Curious how this was made? PaintApp.cpp contains detailed comments and links to references.

Gif that shows a demo of the Chalk Board App

Give it a try - Download the Executable 🐟