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In Sri Lanka business sector has less exposed to new technologies. So people have to face lots of inconveniences in finding the closest business point to get the service they want. In order to cope with that problem I have decided to come up with a solution, GSUN. GSUN as it name says, it’s a Geo location based Service finder for User Needs. It has the capability of finding the closest shop for user needs according to user’s current location. Therefore purpose of the system is to provide the closest information about services according to their needs with the consideration of their geo location.


This report describe about various aspects of the GSUN system. In early section there is a brief description about the system, purpose and the scope of the system. In latter parts this describes about the requirements in terms of various aspects and other supporting information about the system.

Product Functions

  • User can speak to tell or use touch sensitive keyboard to express what he want
  • Application provides a list of exact palaces that provide the service user need
  • In addition application provides a list of suggestion that the service might be available with distances
  • Application can be customized to adjust the range of searching area
  • User can contact the service providing places simply by a phone call
  • People who are interested can provide data to the data base through web interface
  • Administrator can approve or reject information provided by people
  • External parties can use the web service with the permission given by administrator