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API documentation for the CashPlay platform.
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Cashplay API

Data format

CashPlay API works only with JSON and UTF-8 encoding - no exceptions.

HTTP status codes

HTTP status codes are used for reporting the request status. If no error was occured, the server returns 200 OK response.

Errors that can be solved by modifying request are reported with 4xx status codes:

  • 401 Unauthorized - Perform authentication first.
  • 403 Forbidden
  • 404 Not Found - Resource (given by the URL) was not found.
  • 422 Unauthorized Entity - Resource provided contains invalid data (in most likely case the model did not pass the validation)

Internal server errors are reported with 5xx status codes and it is responsibility of the client to retry the request later.

User agent

Althrough not required at this point, it's good practice to identify your app via User-Agent header (see Authentication examples).


Any action that returns the list can limit the number of returned records using per_page and page attributes. per_page specifies the number of records per fetch and page specifies the pagination (starting with 1).

  "matches": [ ... ],
  "meta": {
    "count": 1234,
    "next_page": "",
    "prev_page": null

Test environment

Our test environment has following URL:

API sections

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