This is the frontend component the Item Set Builder Application created for Riot's API Challenge 2.0
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Riot Item Set Application

This is the frontend application for the Item Set Builder created for Riot's API Challenge 2.0. The associated backend is located here

This application is currently live at, hosted for free by OpenShift.

The application is build using AngularJS 1.4.x. The code is maintained using JSHint for code linting, JSCS for maintaining code style, and Karma with Jasmine for unit tests. The application uses Grunt to handle building the application for deployment, including code analysis.

How To Use

Feel free to register an account to create Item Set builds and test the application. You do not need an account to download existing item builds however!

Item Set Builds are guaranteed to exist on the following champions:

  • Annie
  • Shaco
  • Vladimir
  • Trundle

Hopefully everything is easy and intuitive. If you need any help, contact me at


  • Have Node v0.12.7 or higher installed
  • Have Bower CLI installed (npm install -g bower)


  • Run git clone to clone the repository
  • Run npm install to install dependencies
  • Run bower install to install external components
  • Update the /src/api/api.config.js file with the domain of your API endpoint. http://localhost:3000 will work if you're running the API locally as well.
  • Run grunt serve from the terminal to launch the application

Unit Tests

  • Unit tests are done using Karma with Jasmine)
  • Unit tests code quality is maintained with the help of JSHint and JSCS
  • To run code analysis and unit tests: grunt analyze
  • Unit test coverage is virtully zero at the moment