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An easy to use security data parsing tool. Takes in data from different tools and outputs standardized JSON.
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odle is a Ruby gem and binary that takes XML data from various security tools and outputs their JSON equivalent. The goal is to be (1) simple, (2) fast, and (3) work on many platforms with only one dependency -- nokogiri.

Example Usage


odle has been tested on different versions of Ruby so the one available in your package manager will probably work. Anything Ruby 2+ is a safe bet.

# make sure Ruby is installed first, then
gem install odle

Example Usage

There are more examples on the wiki, but here are two simple examples.


cat burp.xml | odle --burp 

Ruby gem

require 'odle'

json_d ="./msf_export.xml","0")

Data In, Data Out

Odle takes in data (mostly XML) and outputs a JSON hash coordinated by hosts. Each host in the hash contains an array of findings (i.e. vulnerabilities) from the data. See the wiki page for more details.

Supported Inputs

Name Version(s) Tested On
Metasploit XML Export v5
BurpSuite XML Export v1.*
BurpSuite 2.0 XML Export v2.0.* 2.0.7
Nessus v2
Nmap Unknown
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