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BugReplay WebDriver.IO Service

The BugReplay WDIO service records screencasts of your automated tests including timesynced JavaScript Console and Network logs


Install the package

npm install wdio-bugreplay-service --save-dev

or if you prefer to use yarn

yarn add wdio-bugreplay-service --dev


Getting an API key

You will need to sign up for an account at After that you will need to login and get an API key by clicking the Hamburger Menu, click My Settings, and then Show API Key. You'll use this in the configuration file.

getting an API key

Adding the BugReplay Integration

In wdio.conf.js, you will need to add both the bugreplay service as well as add the configure the BugReplay automation extension to be added to chrome:

// wdio.conf.js
export.config = {
    // ...
    capabilities: [{
      // ...
      browserName: 'chrome',
      'goog:chromeOptions': {
        args: [
          '--auto-select-desktop-capture-source=Record This Window'
    // ...
    services: [
        ['bugreplay', {
            saveSuccessfulTests: true // the default is false
    // ...

After this configuration your tests will automatically be recorded to video, uploaded to BugReplay, and ready for playback alongside the timesynced JS console and network traffic logs.


This currently only works for chromedriver and edgedriver. We're looking to expand to other browsers in the future.

Working with MS Edge (Chromium)

We've had the best luck using the selenium-standalone-service for running on MS Edge.

The configuration looks the same except instead of browserName: 'chrome' you'd have browserName: 'MicrosoftEdge'. Instead of goog:chromeOptions you'd have ms:edgeOptions.

Running the Test

Running from Command Line

You can run the test directly by running the following in your terminal:

npx wdio run ./wdio.conf.js

Setting up a script

Inside of package.json add the following to the scripts object:

"scripts": {
  "test:wdio": "wdio run ./wdio.conf.js"

You can name the script anything you'd like, it does not have to be test:wdio.

Then in your command line run:

npm run test:wdio


yarn test:wdio


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