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  • What problem does your app solve?
  • Be as specific as possible; how does your app solve the problem?
  • What is the mission statement?


  • What features are required for your minimum viable product?
  • What features may you wish to put in a future release?
  • What do the top 3 similar apps do for their users?

Frameworks - Libraries

  • What 3rd party frameworks/libraries are you considering using?
  • Do APIs require you to contact its maintainer to gain access?
  • Are you required to pay to use the API?
  • Have you considered using Apple Frameworks? (MapKit, Healthkit, ARKit?)

For Data Scientists

  • Describe the Established data source with at least rough data able to be provided on day 1.
  • You can gather information about the data set you’ll be working with from the project description. Be sure to collaborate with your PM, and your Backend Architect to chat about the resources you have.
  • Write a description for what the DS problem is (what uncertainty/prediction are we trying to do here? Sentiment analysis? Why is this a useful solution to a problem?)
  • A target (e.g. JSON format or such) for output that DS students can deliver to web/other students for them to ingest and use in the app

Target Audience

  • Who is your target audience? Be specific.
  • What feedback have you gotten from potential users?
  • Have you validated the problem and your solution with your target audience? How?


  • Research thoroughly before writing a single line of code. Solidify the features of your app conceptually before implementation. Spend the weekend researching so you can hit the ground running on Monday.

Prototype Key Feature(s)

  • This is the “bread and butter” of the app, this is what makes your app yours. Calculate how long it takes to implement these features and triple the time estimated. That way you’ll have plenty of time to finish. It is preferred to drop features and spend more time working on your MVP features if needed.
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