Increase the number of people publishing educational, journalistic, and scientific materials that enable readers to read, edit, re-run and re-use that content. Using
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Build a Binder

A guide to making your repository Binder-ready.

This repository contains material for hosting a one day workshop on making work compatible with Binder.

The repository is also used to organise the first three such events.

To get an idea for the scope read the grant proposal.

The Goal

We plan to create the material for a one-day workshop giving an introduction to the Binder project and the public service, and using it at three test events in Europe. These first events will allow the material to be trialed and improved, thus creating a lasting curriculum and allowing others to run similar workshops. The workshops will serve educators, journalists and scientists who want to learn to use Binder to improve the accessibility, shareability and reusability of their work.


Everyone is encouraged to contribute. We're looking for people who are good at organising in-person events, users of, those who are experienced in teaching people new skills and tools. In particular, people local to the places where we would like to hold the first three events will be welcomed with open arms. 🤗

To keep an eye on what is happening and receive notifications about the goings-on in this repository, click the "Watch" button towards the top right.

To get an idea of the overall things that need doing, checkout the ROADMAP. More details and in-flux discussions are happening in the issues.

Proposal text

If you'd like a longer version of what is going on here, what the goals are (or used to be?), and where things are heading take a look at the full text of the grant proposal submitted to Mozilla.


This work is supported by amazing volunteers as well as the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation.