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A collection of Self Assessment tools to help study for certification exams.
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Build5Nines Exam Assessments

This is a collection of Self Assessment tools to help you study for certification exams. All self assessments are built as Excel Spreadsheets. This help you be able to easily save the self assessments for reference and editing as you progress through your certification journey.

Download Self Assessments

We hope you find these Certification Exam Self Assessments helpful as you prepare for these certifications.


How do I use this self assessment tool?

Need help using the self assessment tool? Go check out Chris Pietschmann's blog post, "Free Azure Certification Exam Self Assessment Tools", that describes how to use the Self Assessment tools.

Who created these self assessments?

This model of how to perform an Exam Self Assessment gew out of a concept that Dan Patrick practices and recommends to use when studying for certification exams. Chris Pietschmann collaborated with Dan to put together these Self Assessments so other have an easy to use tool for better exam study preparation!

P.S. I know there's only an AZ-103 self assessment right now. The goal is to add self assessments for additional certification exams over time. :)

How are these self assessments licensed?

This project is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to use these as you need; as is. Keep in mind that all exam Objective Domain info/text is copyright by the vendor that creates/maintains the certification exam.

Please submit any feedback and/or suggestions on how to improve these self assessments as an Issue on this GitHub project.

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