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Energy tesseract caused autarchic gate mailfunction #668

Genda1ph opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Mods related: Forestry (v2.0.0.11), Thermal Expansion (2.2.2)

Emerald pipe is set to pump out only dirt (pipe and setting should not really matter), autarchic gate is set to pulse when there's not enough soil in farm. Then place an energy tesseract near the gate... And get a loop.
Seems like tesseract requests for soil and gate gets looped, umping soil into the farm.

I'm not really sure it should be reported here, please redirect this issue to TE devs if this is their bug.


The tesseract is powering the emerald pipe. Same way a redstone engine does.


Just space tesseract and emerald pipe at leas one block apart.

@SirSengir SirSengir closed this

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that shouldn't happen if the Gate doesn't have a redstone trigger correct?

He says the trigger is the amount of dirt.


No, this seems to be correct behaviour - tesseract was set to work if the redstone signal is off and was powering the pipe. This should be documented in both TE and BC wiki as intended behaviour.
Gate was set to pulse when low on soil, so everything's fine.


CJ the autarchic gate was working properly and only powering the pipe when the soil was running low.
The problem is that the pipe itself received energy from the tesseract, thus pulling items non-stop.


Ah, pneumatic power, not redstone.

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