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Hoppers still there in 1.5 #678

viliml opened this Issue · 5 comments

5 participants


In the branch for 1.5, you still have the Hopper. Why? Vanilla now has it's own! I think it would be pretty confusing if left this way. At least make a "Bigger Hopper"(it has 1 slot more than the vanilly one), or something like that!


The vanilla Hopper and BC Hopper serve different purposes.

Specifically, the BC Hopper is better at interfacing with machines from many mods due to the fact that is supports the ISpecialInventory API.


perhaps BC could override the vanilla hopper, as a config option?


There shall be no hiding of vanilla hopper. But the BC hopper might get renamed "BC hopper"


Could call it the "Chute".


"Chute" seems good.

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