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Some issues from IRC #35

choptastic opened this Issue Aug 27, 2015 · 0 comments


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choptastic commented Aug 27, 2015

Raw dump from IRC:

12:32 <wwwd> chops: No I'm on to new problems! I am working on chapter 3 of build it with nitrogen. I'm on page 63. Two issues. The css for the h1 tag is not working and the #list is not displaying.
12:33 <wwwd> Any idea if there is a problem with the code as it is writen in the text?
12:33 <canislupax> i think it`s an important work for peoples coming from other languages who try to figure out how nitrogen works...
12:34 <•chops> Ha! There may be. It wouldn't be the first bit of errata, if it is.  I'll have a gander at it (I'm actually working on the book right now, introducing gen_server).
12:34 <•chops> Is this with version 0.1.0 or 0.1.1 (updated two days ago)?
12:37 <wwwd> Also, I have found some small errors. How would you like me to report them? I see the email you like an email on each or is it better for me to keep a list and send it en mass?
12:37 <•chops> The best way to report errors as you come across them is with github issues:
12:38 <•chops> But if you'd rather email, or you don't have a github account, the email address is just fine as well
12:38 <•chops> I usually end up copying errors from email into github issues to address as I find the time
12:38 <wwwd> On the git hub just start a new issue for each error?
12:39 <•chops> Not necessary to do one for each, I don't want readers to have to go *too* far out of their way to report errors
12:39 <•chops> Feel free to batch them up if you like.
12:41 <wwwd> Ok! I have gone through the Table of Contents and don't see anything on using the test framework. Did I miss something or is that not addressed?
12:41 <•chops> Yeah, it's not addressed at all in the book yet
12:42 <canislupax> wwwd: i worked with the version 0.1.0 and got the same trouble -> issu was visitor_db and visitors_db missmatch ... i think this was resolved in new version
12:42 <•chops> It's still a bit of a moving target, since it's pretty early in its developmental stage, makes it hard to write about.
12:43 <•chops> Yeah, there are indeed a handful of errors of that nature, and we fix as they get reported, or as we come across them proofreading ourselves.
12:45 <wwwd> Cool! I'm relatively new to programming and very new to erlang. So a bit on testing would be realy great. That said thus far the book has been very informative.
12:45 <•chops> wwwd: Awesome! Very glad to hear it!
12:47 <canislupax> bye all - have a nice day
12:47 ← canislupax left (
12:47 <•chops> canislupax: You too! Thanks for the feedback!
12:48 <•chops> wwwd: Looking at the page 63 errors you mentioned, I'm not seeing any errors obviously standing out. Are you getting an error with the #list, or is it just not seeming to do anything?
12:50 <wwwd> I need to go through this content again anyway so I'm going to delete the project and see if it works next time through. I will down load the latest version and start reporting errors as I get to them.
12:53 <wwwd> No error thrown. I changed the h1 in the css as instructed. It is having odd behavior. the first #h1 is not being formatted. If I add subsequent #h1 tags it changes font size...but not on the first one. Also, the list of visitors is not being displayed.
12:53 <•chops> Sounds good! Don't hesitate to report errors or confusing things! Any feedback is good feedback!
12:54 <•chops> Interesting...
12:55 <•chops> If you call `visitors_db:get_visitors(date())` from the shell, does it return a list with values or just an empty list?
12:55 <wwwd> Also, if I add #h2{ text="John Hitz" }, it displays that fine...give me a second and I will let you know!
12:58 <wwwd> An empty list. Is that because I set up my visitors yesterday so they are not being picked up by the search?
12:59 <•chops> Yeah, it's passing in date() as the argument to filter which visitors are coming today.
12:59 <•chops> If you called visitors_db:get_visitors({2015,8,12}), I bet you'd get a list of visitors
13:03 <wwwd> That works in the shell but not in the index.erl page. Is that expected?
13:17 <•chops> wwwd: Hmm, curious. It *should* work in the index.erl.
13:20 <wwwd> Well as I said, I need to work through this again to get it to stick in my brain. I expect it is something I have wrong in my code...if I get to this point and have the same problem again I will file an issue or send an email.
13:21 <•chops> Sounds great! Thank you!
13:24 <wwwd> No problem. Have a great day! And, I'm sure you will hear from me again
13:24 ← wwwd left ( "ERC Version 5.3 (IRC client for Emacs)"
22:24 → t0ha joined (~t0ha@
Monday, August 17th, 2015
04:59  → wwwd joined  ⇐ t0ha quit  
10:35 <wwwd> Chops: I have been going back through the sections Vistor database starting at the bottom of pg.52 through Visitor admin ending ~pg.63. I could not get it to work so I went back and copy pasted the code. Still no luck. I think there is a problem in the get_visitors(Date) function. If I hard code List1 = [some list] it displays correctly. But not if I keep the code as pasted...the last time I was on #nitrogen someone said there is an
10:35 <wwwd> instance of visitor vs. visitors but I have not been able to find it yet.
10:36 <•chops> wwwd: does it throw any errors? 
10:37 <wwwd> give me a min and I will post it.
10:49 <wwwd> :Actually, no I had an error a few min. ago but it was from me forming a list.
10:52 <wwwd> I don't know that this helps but the list I am using is just copied from one of the searches you present at the command prompt. I just changed the date to today.
11:33 <•chops> wwwd: thanks. I don't have time to try to fix it today (got a client who needs some high priority stuff over next the next few days), but I'll be sure to go through that bit again. Lloyd and I have been going through parts of the book that we did a lot of code without explanation. I got your issue report on github, so I'll be sure to respond to that when it
11:33 <•chops> has been addressed. Thanks so much!
12:55 <wwwd> No problem. I'm reading about dets now. Hopefully I will find the problem. If I do I will let you know. It could be a typo on my part, for example in a file name, but I don't think so since this is my second time through this section and the behavior is unchanged.
12:56 <wwwd>  Also, I wanted to ask, I do see a lot of what look like formating issues in your code. I say look like because I am certainly not an expert. Things like #label{... vs. #label {... vs. #label { ... Do you want me to point those out at this point or will you be cleaning up the code in a different ideration?
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