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Note #1: I read PDFs with evince.
Note #2: Page number refers to the evince page numbering (that is, displayed at the upper left corner of evince.)
Note #3: Everything has been tested under Debian sid, using Erlang Debian pkgs (R18) with slim_cowboy realeases.

  • All pages w/ grey code block: Too much space between last line and code block;
    strangely, not on all pages (P.45 is right)
  • Some New sentences are more right idented than others w/o any reason
  • Long dashes-- in conversations, also need a free space -- to their left
  • Page i: 2.0.1 is surely a mistake (meant 2.0? or renumbering w/ 2.0.1 = 2.1?)
    also, being a 3 parts reference gives it a bad identation
  • Page iii: 7.4 should be: 'RIAK' or 'Riak' instead of 'riak'
  • Page v: 27.1 should be: 'Home Server' or 'Home server') instead of 'home server'
  • Page 11: Missing ':' at the end of text just before grey code block
  • Page 12: §3: 'Looks like we're done--', long final dash should be ':'
  • Page 14: §2: 'First, let's look into templates--', long final dash should be instead ':'
  • Page 36: §4: 'Nitrogen sports more…' should be: 'Nitrogen supports more…'
  • Page 57: 2nd § up from the last grey code block: '…detail on on page 209.' should be: '…detail on pages 61 and 209.'
  • Page 62: First link given: is dead
  • Page 66: Last grey code block first line should be: '.../css$ cd ~/nb'
  • Page 70: Sub-section of 4.2: 'Associate record' says: 'Drop into ~/nb/site/include and create a new file nb.hrl'
    but this file has already been created above in the book
  • Page 82/83: The sections to add to style.css have already been added formerly
  • Page 85: Last grey code block has: 'make rel_cowboy PROJECT=nnote' when former make in the book used 'make rel_inets …'
    as cowboy is now the default/prefered server, may be modifying both former make would be good
  • Page 95: First § says: '…nnotes_grid.erl…' when it should be: '…nnote_gris.erl'
  • Page 97: The 2nd grey code block identation is wrong, comapred to th first one
  • Page 100: At the bottom of the page, code is: '#note{ date = Date,' when is hould be: '#source{ date = Date,'
  • Page 103: Last § says: '…nnotes_dets.erl…' when it should be: '…nnote_dets.erl…'
  • Page 113: Third grey block code, '#h3{ text="Right }' musy be '#h3{ text="Right" }' (missing closing double quote)
  • Page 250: Grey code block: [list_to_atom(integer_to_list(X)) || X <- lists:seq(1, 2000000))]
    should be: [list_to_atom(integer_to_list(X)) || X <- lists:seq(1, 2000000)].
    (NB: Crashed within 2 seconds on my laptop - i5-4210M CPU @ 2.60GHz)

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