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Using 'Build Radiator' requires you to:

  1. Work out what the step names are for you build job, the demo talks of Compile, Unit Test, Integration Test, Functional Test and Package, but how many and what their names are is entirely your decision.

  2. first create a radiator for your CI job.

  3. Next you have to configure your CI so that build status changes can be pushed published (to

  4. Then you will want to view that radiator in a browser. Construct the URL by hand '' + the radiator code from the create step + '/' + A_title_to_show_above_the_builds. Here is the one for the demo radiator: Note though that as well as title, you might well want to configure the expanded step names in the URL to the right of the # too.

  5. Then you need to configure the CI job to update build step changes as they happen.

  6. Then mount a screen of some sort in the guest WiFi.

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