Designed to use corporate guest WiFi networks

Paul Hammant edited this page May 30, 2017 · 5 revisions

The service is designed to hold build results in the public internet (securely[1]) and make them available to screens in a company's guest WiFi. Here is a simpified view of TCP/IP landscape and allows access routes (no line means a firewall of sorts).

Devices in the guest Wifi can't "see" the corporate CI infrastructure:

The idea is that hardware logged into the guest WiFi is not going to have a corporate user ID, nor have to follow corporate standards for screen-savers. Guest Wifi nodes cannot typically see anything else from the corporate infrastructure. They can only see the public internet (ignore the potential of VPNs).

As the Continuous Integration infrastructure can also see the internet (although some companies will whitelist addresses there too), there is now the potential for to hold the build results in summary form.

[1] Securely: read about that claim here.

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