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Brick Tutorial at BuildSys 2017


  • 1. Brick Composition.ipynb: Learning what Brick instance looks internally with constructing it from the scratch. This would not be a repetitive work that you need to do for everytime, but useful for understanding Brick's concepts. You can learn SPARQL basic also.
  • 2. Brick Conversion (Tutorial).ipynb: Tutorial of how to convert some raw metdata in BMS to Brick. It uses simple regular expression rules and relationship mapping to automate the process
  • 2.1. Brick Conversion (Full).ipynb: Converting the all sample raw metadata defined in metadata/brick_sample_building_raw.csv. It is not intended for the tutorial, but it is more complete than Brick conversoin (Tutorial) and one may look into it if interested.
  • 3. Brick Queries and Data Analysis.ipynb: How to use SPARQL to query Brick for complex question and how to use integrate with usable data analysis (fault diagnosis) that can be used across any buildings in Brick.

Data Description

  • metadata/brick_sample_building_raw.csv: sample raw metadata from a BMS.
  • metadata/sample_building.ttl: Brickified sample building. Intantiated from the above file with the 2.1. Brick Conversion (Full).ipynb
  • data/: timeseries data corresponding to UUIDs described in the metadata/brick_sample_building_raw.csv



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