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Community development and discussion of OpenStudio Measures.


Report a bug or request a feature in an existing measure

  • Submit an issue on the issues tab. Tag your issue as a bug for bugs and enhancement for feature requests.

Write a measure

  • Join or request to be added as a contributor to this GitHub repository. You can post in our Gitter room to be added.
  • Create a new branch new/my_measure forked from the develop branch and work on your measure there. When finished, submit a pull request to the develop branch. Once merged, you or an admin can upload it to BCL.

When is a measure finished?

A measure is complete once you've:

  • Written the measure and tested it with the OpenStudio App to confirm it performs as expected
  • Written measure tests for a range of use cases with both good and bad measure arguments
  • Generated the measure.xml file and written informative user and modeler descriptions
  • Included a README file and any other documentation