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21 src/org/bukkit/
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+package org.bukkit;
+ * Represents a server implementation
+ */
+public interface Server {
+ /**
+ * Gets the name of this server implementation
+ *
+ * @return name of this server implementation
+ */
+ public String getName();
+ /**
+ * Gets the version string of this server implementation.
+ *
+ * @return version of this server implementation
+ */
+ public String getVersion();

30 comments on commit 4e8311a


Wow, has this ever grown :P


Holy ... yay :D


And thus, it began...


Dinnerbone! I come from the future! This will eventually turn into the most used Minecraft Server Mod and you will get job at Mojang! Hops back into Delorean


Burn the witch!


It's a good thing my Life-Preserver is fire proof!


Clearly I wasn't the only one waiting for this commit to get revived with comments.


So 5 comments doesn't count as revived?


Well there were comments made since that tweet. Exactly as expected.


"And so it begins"


It's really amazing how it started from just this one commit, to the massive, widely-used Bukkit we know today. :D


A whopping 18 out of 21 lines in this commit have been unchanged to this very day.

The changed lines are lines 3, 7 and 21.

[JOKE]That's some serious foresight there.[/JOKE] A whopping 85% of this code has not been changed.


These lines were the first bukkit's lines of code?


At least i can get the server implentations name and version.


The commit that now is defended by selfish authors.


Yes. God forbid we have methods to retrieve the implementation's name and version. It's basically got Dinnerbone written all over it! confused and sarcastic look


In the beginning, Bukkit was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.


You had to mention the name and address of the server, didn't you?


>tweeted by Dinnerbone

Inb4 commit revival.


Haha, nostalgia <3


Commit revival commenced. Happy birthday Bukkit!


Wow? Three years! Well done guys!


Happy bukkit day! We we just talking about this yesterday, @zhuowei


Happy Bukkit Day @Dinnerbone !


I'd have to say, @Dinnerbone posting this commit has indirectly changed my life, when I heard of Bukkit a bit over 2 years ago now I decided that I wanted to learn to code, and here I am now, getting paid to code for Networks at 15 years of age, thanks @Dinnerbone, and happy new year :)


This started smaller than I thought it did.


Just wanted to leave a comment here to feel imporant runs away


Lol MisterFixx, vanity at its worst.

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