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…ips to get your pull request accepted.
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@@ -20,11 +20,25 @@ Coding and Pull Request Conventions
* We generally follow the Sun/Oracle coding standards.
* No tabs; use 4 spaces instead.
* No trailing whitespaces.
-* No 80 column limit or midstatement newlines.
-* No CRLF lineendigs, LF only, put your gits 'core.autocrlf' on 'true'
-* Proper javadoc for each method added/changed to describe what it does.
+* No CRLF line endings, LF only, put your gits 'core.autocrlf' on 'true'.
+* No 80 column limit or 'weird' midstatement newlines.
* The number of commits in a pull request should be kept to a minimum (squish them into one most of the time - use common sense!).
* No merges should be included in pull requests unless the pull request's purpose is a merge.
* Pull requests should be tested (does it compile? AND does it work?) before submission.
+* Any major additions should have documentation ready and provided if applicable (this is usually the case).
+* Most pull requests should be accompanied by a corresponding Leaky ticket so we can associate commits with Leaky issues (this is primarily for changelog generation on
+* Try to follow test driven development where applicable.
-Follow the above conventions if you want your pull requests accepted.
+Tips to get your pull request accepted
+Making sure you follow the above conventions is important, but just the beginning. Follow these tips to better the chances of your pull request being accepted and pulled.
+* Make sure you follow all of our conventions to the letter.
+* Make sure your code compiles under Java 5.
+* Provide proper JavaDocs where appropriate.
+* Provide proper accompanying documentation where appropriate.
+* Test your code.
+* Make sure to follow coding best practises.
+* Provide a test plugin binary and source for us to test your code with.
+* Your pull request should link to accompanying pull requests.
+* The description of your pull request should provide detailed information on the pull along with justification of the changes where applicable.
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