HUGE performance boost to locToBlock() #528

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dumptruckman commented Feb 17, 2012

Tested with the following code:
Results are listed in paste.

Increased operation performance between 3 and 7 fold. (less drastic improvement when iteration count lowered to 1 but still within those bounds.) It also appears that while the casting method's performance remains constant, the floor method's performance increases when dealing with smaller input values but is still dwarfed by the casting method.


Wolvereness commented Feb 18, 2012

A more extensive test (67 million randomly generated numbers in a minecraft bias range, from -65k to 65k):
The new proposed method is consistently 16x faster, this does not change for a set of all negative or all positive numbers.

The test includes cross-checking the numbers between old method and new method for consistency.


Here is your stupid report:


jrtc27 commented Feb 25, 2012

Come on @EvilSeph - pull this! It's faster and doesn't break anything - what's not to like?


Wolvereness commented Feb 28, 2012

On another note, I'm not getting the same 16x that I was before... But I did find a method faster than the one proposed.

I ran a few tests, this is my result:
Average floor: 103
Average cast: 12
Take note I've modified the numbers a bit to get a more stable result. It's about 900-1000% faster, if we put it that way.

I did some more research and I found this even faster: return (int) (loc < 0 ? loc - 1 : loc);
Average floor: 411
Average cast: 51
Average test: 48
I changed the numbers once again, of course. Then again, I'm not sure loc - 1 gives the correct result when it's cast afterwards.


Wolvereness commented Feb 28, 2012

It's not accurate (tried it).... There is still a faster and more effective way to do it, without the conditional.


dumptruckman commented Feb 28, 2012

@Wolvereness care to share?


Wolvereness commented Feb 29, 2012

Yeah, this whole discussion is mute. This fails when flooring the same number twice, or a whole number literal.

tahg closed this Feb 29, 2012

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