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✉️ BulkGate SMS PHP SDK - The complete package for fast integration to PHP projects. Built-in support for Nette framework. Simplify your work. Integrate the SMS gateway quickly and easily into your PHP projects.
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BulkGate SMS - PHP SDK

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The easiest way to install bulkgate/sms into a project is by using Composer via the command line.

composer require bulkgate/sms

If you have the package installed just plug in the autoloader.

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

In order to send messages, you need an instance of the BulkGate\Sms\Sender class that requires instance dependency on the BulkGate\Message\Connection class.

$connection = new BulkGate\Message\Connection('APPLICATION_ID', 'APPLICATION_TOKEN');

$sender = new BulkGate\Sms\Sender($connection);

At this point, you are ready to send a message.

$message = new BulkGate\Sms\Message('447971700001', 'test message');


The send() method will send a message $message.

Nette framework

Register the extension to the DI container via NEON

	bulkgate: BulkGate\Message\Bridges\MessageDI\MessageExtension

	application_id: <APPLICATION_ID>
	application_token: <APPLICATION_TOKEN>

which gives you the class BulkGate\Sms\Sender as a service you can request.

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

namespace BulkGate\Presenters;

use BulkGate, Nette;

class SdkPresenter extends Nette\Application\UI\Presenter
    /** @var BulkGate\Sms\ISender @inject */
    public $sender;

    public function actionDefault()
        $this->sender->send(new BulkGate\Sms\Message('447971700001', 'test message'));


At the same time, you'll get the extension for Tracy panel


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