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Mailing list is /dev/null for non-Launchpad users #126

Lekensteyn opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I was wondering why a lot mails fail to get to the mailing list and have just found out why: mails from non-Launchpad users are ignored and do not even get into the moderation queue. That means that we lose a lot of bugreports. So, any ideas for alternatives? As a temporary "fix", mails could be send to a gmail account which will then forward the mails to the mailing list.


I approve with this temporary fix, create an account on Launchpad with this email and forward everything.


I've just set up and, join in #bumblebee-dev for some talk.

Instead of using mail, wouldn't it be better if people could upload their bugreports to a server?


Yes it would.

Sorry for missing time to join #bumblebee-dev, but I'm having a lot of work and also rebooting quite often to try to solve some issues I have with Oneiric.


I'm keeping this issue open to remember to include this change in our documenation and communication plan for 3.0.


Finally we didn't solve this.

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