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Version 3.1 - 25 February 2013
- [new] Support for primus as an alternative to virtualgl as optirun back-end.
Added a new Bridge option in bumblebee.conf to set the default back-end (auto
as default currently, selects VirtualGL if installed, else primus, detection
order may change in 4.0). optirun gained a -b/--bridge option for on-the-fly
back-end choice.
- [enhancement] Use of non-blocking sockets, replacing former 3.0.1 hotfix for
socket polling.
- [enhancement] Added an udev rule to fix nvidia card randomly turning on.
- [fix] Fixed the three remaining compilation warnings.
- [fix] A little fix for Kepler generation cards was added in xorg.conf.nvidia.
- [fix] A little fix for dual nvidia hybrid systems.
- [fix] Fixed nouveau not working under 1.13+.
- [fix] Upstart dependencies changed to fix some issues
- [fix] Fixed available drivers detection by supporting module aliases.
- bbswitch is independent of the driver; vga_switcheroo works for nouveau only.
See also the Known Issues section above and
- the video drivers must be unloadable. This means that it should not be
compiled into the kernel. When using dynamically built modules like nvidia,
be sure that the toolchain used for building the kernel matches the one that
is used for building the module. This means that Ubuntu mainline kernels do
not work and will cause crashes.
- VirtualGL performance is very dependent on the Transport method set. The
default "proxy" setting appears to perform bad in some situations. Try other
available settings like "rgb" or "yuv".
- Do not combine power management methods (i.e. bbswitch with the deprecated
acpi_call), it does not save more power and will break your machine.
- primus is supposed to result in better performance, but is not compatible with
all programs supported by virtualgl, hence virtualgl is preferred when
auto-detecting the backend.
Known issues:
- vga-switcheroo won't survive suspension/hibernation (patch for newer Optimus
machines for OFF to work has been published in Kernel 3.3; a good patch for
suspend is still being prepared).
- bbswitch (and acpi_call) cannot disable the discrete nvidia card for the Dell
Vostro 360 desktop with Synergy. If you have a machine using that technology,
please submit your machine information on:
- Some laptops (mainly Lenovo) are neither supported by bbswitch nor the video
drivers. See