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# -*- Makefile -*-
GITVERSION = $(shell "$(top_srcdir)/" "$(top_srcdir)")
-relnotes = doc/RELEASE_NOTES_3_2
+relnotes = doc/RELEASE_NOTES_3_2_1
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# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
-AC_INIT([bumblebee], [3.2])
+AC_INIT([bumblebee], [3.2.1])
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+Version 3.2.1 - 26 April 2013
+ - [hotfix] Fixed Bumblebee 3.2 not working on a lot of setups.
+ This happened because of "Device" section splitting in xorg conf files.
+ - [fix] Fixed an issue where an empty XorgModulePath lead to -isolateDecide
+ being removed from Xorg start command line instead of -modulepath.
+Important note for packagers:
+In 3.2 release, we have extended our nvidia-specific udev rule file to add
+device files (/dev/nvidia*) when the module is loaded (previously it would only
+remove those files when the module is unloaded). Consequently, we also changed
+its name. Some distributions, for example Gentoo, do not need to install this
+rule file because they already have a similar mechanism in place. Please also
+note that the rule file sets file permissions to 0666; you may want to adjust it
+to set permissions/owner/group more strictly according to your distribution's
+practice before installing. If you already use the kernel module options to
+declare permissions, simply running nvidia-smi on module load will do the job.
+- bbswitch is independent of the driver; vga_switcheroo works for nouveau only.
+ See also the Known Issues section above and
+- the video drivers must be unloadable. This means that it should not be
+ compiled into the kernel. When using dynamically built modules like nvidia,
+ be sure that the toolchain used for building the kernel matches the one that
+ is used for building the module. This means that Ubuntu mainline kernels do
+ not work and will cause crashes.
+- VirtualGL performance is very dependent on the Transport method set. The
+ default "proxy" setting appears to perform bad in some situations. Try other
+ available settings like "rgb" or "yuv".
+- in many cases, primus offers better performance; please try it and report
+ compatibility issues in primus tracker, if you find any; for now VirtualGL is
+ still preferred as the default autodetected render bridge, while primus is
+ being tested at larger scales before being released as default. Try it and
+ ensure everything you use works to help us build the best backend.
+Known issues:
+- vga-switcheroo won't survive suspension/hibernation (patch for newer Optimus
+ machines for OFF to work has been published in Kernel 3.3; a good patch for
+ suspend is still being prepared).
+- bbswitch cannot disable the discrete nvidia card for the Dell Vostro 360
+ desktop with Synergy. If you have a machine using that technology, please
+ submit your machine information on:
+- Some laptops (mainly Lenovo) are neither supported by bbswitch nor the video
+ drivers. See This is
+ fixed in Linux Kernel 3.9.

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