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Provide a script to check installation sanity #375

amonakov opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Would be nice to provide a shell script or something to automatically check that various libraries (2x, 3x are in correct places.

  1. Verify that direct rendering is available on primary X, and is hardware-accelerated
  2. Verify that direct rendering is available on secondary X, and is hardware-accelerated
  3. Verify that running via primusrun actually invokes primus
  4. All of the above for 32-bit libs/apps on x86-64
  5. Quickly check relative performance of iGPU/dGPU/primus?
  6. Probably would be nice to do something about compositing as well.
  7. Try to report to the user what's missing (e.g. wrong libGL, missing 32-bit primus, etc) and how to fix it.

Please throw in your ideas.

Thinking about whether this can be useful, I see two scenarios:

  1. Systems clobbered with manual installation of nVidia driver, or switched to nVidia GLX on primary X.
  2. Clear diagnostics for missing 32-bit libs. Well, 32-bit primus, once installed, will complain about the other two, but when neither 32-bit primus nor 32-bit nVidia is installed, the application runs on Mesa without any warning.

I would like this very much.


I also think that such a script could be useful!


I've started brewing something in

@ArchangeGabriel ArchangeGabriel modified the milestone: Bumblebee 4.0

@amonakov Do you think we should package it? I may add it as a new package since it doesn’t depend on anything here, but might advert it in the 4.0 release and docs as a new usefull debugging tool when facing issue (obviously with a note like "thanks to @amonakov, primus writer").


(Knowing that it is only partially filling your above list, but that’s why version number exists after all)


Given the lack of interest in over a year, I guess no? Besides, there's a technical issue: how would you package something that installs 64-bit and 32-bit executables at the same time?


Well, I’m afraid that excepted you, everyone else including me has been away for more than a year… About packaging, we would just have to work on splitting them, and on Ubuntu for instance make the 64-bit package recommends the 32-bit one.

Anyway, I’m OK with just pointing user in the documentation to the repo for testing their libGL setup before reporting issue.


Arch installs 32-bit binaries on a 64-bit system using a 32 suffix. virtualgl is instead packaged as glxspheres64.

$ pacman -Qo glxinfo glxinfo32
/usr/bin/glxinfo is owned by mesa-demos 8.2.0-3
/usr/bin/glxinfo32 is owned by lib32-mesa-demos 8.2.0-2
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