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Multiscreen issue on Lenovo W520 #522

svancau opened this Issue Jan 14, 2014 · 4 comments

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svancau commented Jan 14, 2014

Hi All,

I'm using Bumblebee on my Lenovo W520. I managed to clone my laptop screen onto another external screen having the same resolution but I'm unable to work with an extended desktop.

I'm using Xmonad as WM. Gnome shows the same issue.

The setup I would like to achieve is
Left (VGA on NVIDIA - 1280x1024), Right (DP on NVIDIA - 1920x1080, same as LVDS1).

When I launch the command
xrandr --output VIRTUAL3 --auto --primary --output VIRTUAL1 --auto --left-of VIRTUAL1

The image that is supposed to appear on the left screen appears on both screens, the right screen gets the left screen image and a part of what it is supposed to display.

I'm using FC20, intel graphics driver (git 9a0a1329) and intel-virtual-output together with the optirun true command.

Any idea what could be wrong here ?
Thank you in advance for your help...


svancau commented Jan 22, 2014

When using intel-virtual-output, it exposes one screen to the bumblebee X server.

So you launch the multiscreen using
intel-virtual-output -b
xrandr --output VIRTUAL1 --auto
xrandr --output VIRTUAL3 --auto
xrandr --output VIRTUAL3 --auto --primary --output VIRTUAL1 --auto --left-of VIRTUAL3

At this point the X server on display :8 gets an image of 3200x1080.
It then needs to be sliced properly using xrandr on the X server :8.

xrandr -d :8 --output DP-0 --auto --primary --panning 1920x1080+1280x0 --output VGA-0 --auto --panning 1280x1024 --left-of DP-0.

And it works :).

@svancau svancau closed this Jan 22, 2014

Hi sebx86,

I am trying to configure my W520 with one external monitor. Can you point me in the right direction for how you cloned your laptop screen onto an external monitor screen? I can get Bumblebee and optirun setup, but I cannot get any output on my VGA.

More details are on my post, here:


svancau commented Feb 10, 2014

1) Install latest intel drivers, hope that intel-virtual-output utility is provided with the driver, which is the integrated version of screenclone. If it's not packaged, compile that stuff from source.
2) In your xorg.conf.nvidia ensure the option preventing external screens is disabled.
3) Xrandr as usual :)


It works, thank you VERY much for responding. As a new Linux user, I spent >60 hours on this task, and now I can finally move on to better things. All the best to you! (and sorry for any extra noise on this thread)

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