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Contributing and joining the team

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Help is always welcome. If you've found a bug, report it. You are of course welcome to send in patches (using pull requests) too or help solving issues.

If you want to contribute on development, start reading our wiki, especially pages in the "Targetted to developers" section.

You should also start to join us on our different means of communication. IRC is used for direct communication, feel free to join #bumblebee-dev on Freenode (webchat).

Joining the team

If you want to join the team, the best place to start is joining the #bumblebee-dev channel on IRC. It's mandatory to regularly join this channel as most communication is done in here.

Please understand that we cannot accept random users as it may impose a security risk at the repositories, it will take some time before you are actually granted push access to one of them. The recommended method for contributing is by doing pull requests.