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Version 0.8 - 5 December 2013
* Compatibility with Linux 3.13.
Version 0.7 - 28 May 2013
* Fixes a scary WARNING on Linux 3.9.
* Improved debug information when an ACPI method cannot be executed.
* Added copyright information, update my name.
Version 0.6 - 19 March 2013
* Add workaround for Linux 3.8 regression (not present in earlier or latter
versions) that prevented the video card from turned off unless a driver was
loaded before.
* Compatibility with grsec patches.
* Add 'skip_optimus_dsm' module option so users of Lenovo T410s can use bbswitch
by setting this option to true.
* Clarify license (GPLv3).
Version 0.5 - 22 October 2012
* Improved compatibility with older DKMS versions.
* Set device state to D3cold instead of D3hot.
* Only print DSM method call results when debugging is enabled.
* Fixed runtime power management regression in Linux 3.6.
Version 0.4.2 - 26 April 2012
* Fixed a documentation error on unload_state.
* Added Makefile.dkms and documentation for easier installation using DKMS.
* Make /proc/acpi/bbswitch world-writable
* Fix NULL pointer dereference when reporting a failure during ACPI method
Version 0.4.1 - 16 January 2012
* Corrected a small error that yielded an confusing error message "The discrete
card could not be enabled by a _DSM call"
Version 0.4 - 15 January 2012
* Support for models that have a "3D controller" instead of "VGA compatible
Version 0.3 - 14 January 2012
* Support for models that have the nvidia DSM method on the integrated Intel
video card instead of the nvidia one. This includes at the Acer Travelmate
8472TG and Acer Aspire 5745G.
Version 0.2 - 2 January 2012
* Initial release, adding a kernel module that can disable discrete nvidia cards
on Optimus systems.
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