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README: update information about the patch and bug.

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@@ -51,8 +51,13 @@ To uninstall it, run:
Lenovo IdeaPad Y470/Y570 and Toshiba SATELLITE P870
-Until [this kernel bug]( is
-fixed, you need to apply an ugly hack on these laptops to make bbswitch and the
+[This kernel bug]( is fixed in
+Linux 3.9-rc1 and Linux 3.8.5 which obsoletes this hack. Linux 3.7 is
+incompatible with this hack (and already EOL'd, so a backport fix won't be made
+In kernel version 3.6 and older, you need to apply an ugly hack on these laptops
+to make bbswitch and the
driver (both nouveau and nvidia) work. For now I have decided not to put the
hack in the bbswitch module since it is a very ugly hack that is comparable to
writing a maximum allowable speed of 130 km/h on a traffic sign for a road

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