Proof of stake blockchain
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Flying Fox

Join the chat at

Bitcoin Donations: 1GbpRPE83Vjg73KFvTVZ4EnS2qNkiLY5TT

Block explorer for the testnet:

A security flaw was found in this software that is difficult to fix. I am planning on starting over with a new github project. The flaw is that if the coins are distributed too thinly amount too many people, that it becomes cheap to bribe the validators to keep a fork alive.

lightning consensus is a bad idea. combining the consensus mechanism with the channel mechanism is a bad idea. It does increase the amount of voice we get in making consensus decisions, but there are other more efficient ways to achieve this goal.

non-technical explanation

innovations in Flying Fox

glossary to define words used in cryptoeconomics

explains how chanels work. Useful for other projects that want to clone this channel mechanism

this explains 3 types of attacks that can be done to proof of stake blockchkains, and compares Flying Fox to other PoS mechanisms

this calculates the portion of money that needs to be colluding with the attacks for the attack to be successful

this folder is for calculating how stable coins will be made from synthetic assets

---Code of conduct, development guidelines: Submit pull requests. If I like your code, and it passes tests, I will accept it. Feel free to ask me questions or make github issues.


for ubuntu