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Using the Application

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In these following steps, you will understand how to create an app
and apply it as your discord rich presence

Creating an application

  1. Go to Discord Developers applications section click here
  2. Click on Create an application
  3. Set the name for your application and save changes. This will be your status text
  4. Save your client Id somewhere as you will need it later
  5. Scroll to Rich Presence and enable it


Uploading asset

As seen from the gif above, this is where you will be uploading
the assets that will be displayed on your rich presence

  1. Go to Art Assets
  2. Click on Add Image(s) button
  3. After uploading, choose a name for your asset
  4. Click on Upload assets button


Using the app on your Discord

After following the steps above you should be having your
Client Id and the assets keys
Using the app is simple and easy, you just need to:

  1. Download the app from releases and run it
  2. Paste the Client Id to its text field
  3. Enter your details (optional)
  4. Type the image key

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