Collada Importer for XNA (Work in Progress)
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ColladaXna - COLLADA Importer for XNA 4.0

ColladaXna is a .NET library for loading COLLADA (.dae) models with XNA 4.0, written in C#.

At its core is the Assembly ColladaXnaBase which contains the class ColladaModel which can be used to load ".dae" files. This works from within XNA content pipeline extensions just as well at run-time in applications and games using the .NET 4 Client Profile.

The Assembly ColladaXnaImporter contains the COLLADA Standard Importer which imports the Collada model into the default XNA content format which can be processed and loaded with XNA's default classes.

For documentation and more refer to the Wiki at

The code is published under the MIT license (see LICENSE.txt)